Podcasting can serve as a powerful emotional bridge between you and your customers.

The Podcast Factory will help you succeed in the podcasting realm
with authentic and innovative storytelling
told in your own distinct style.

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Strategy development, world-class storytelling, editing, topic ideation & podcast production

The Podcast Factory delivers podcasts that are brilliantly told and produced, and connected to your specific business outcomes...

Emotionally engage your audience with authentic, immersive, perfectly-tailored podcasts for business

All of our episodes feature propulsive storytelling, intensely edited and soundtracked. With show planning and development, personal interviews, editorial support, scripting, and dedicated producers - we bring your brand to life with exciting and innovative podcast production services.

Podcast Factory provides creative leadership
and content co-creation for our media partners.

How to include podcasting in your business & marketing strategy

Speakers, authors

If you want to get up-close and personal with your audience, supplement your seminar offerings, and build your platform as a speaker or author - podcasting is a great way to do it. The Podcast Factory can help create informative and engaging stories in your own distinct style.

Fortune 500 Companies

Interrorgate an ingredient - find the stories behind your products. Podcasting can serve as a powerful emotional bridge between you and your customers. If you are looking for ways to engage massive audiences around the world, consider the power of an exciting and innovative podcast to bring your brand to life.

Activists, Politicians World-changers

Use your podcast to develop your platform, create a movement, and move beyond the soundbites that dominate the news. The Podcast Factory specializes in the alchemy of human connection, breathing insight into complex ideas and issues with honest and authentic stories. Sidestep corporate media platforms and build audiences as people look for legitimate new sources of information.

Universities & Event Companies

Create course content dissemination, classroom recording of lectures, field recordings and in-depth interviews, professional development, study support, file storage and one-of-a-kind learning resources to engage your audiences year-round.

Custom-Branded Smartphone App

Your podcast on-demand

Mobile apps for podcasting are enjoying widespread popularity around the world.

Podcasting represents a great opportunity to grow your proprietary audience -
your smartphone app gives them the opportunity to experience your program, anytime.
Listeners can also comment on social media via the app, and share your episodes with their social networks.

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The Podcast Factory provides full-serivce podcast production
& micro-content for imaginative social media campaigns

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