Podcasting can serve as a powerful emotional bridge between you and your customers.

The Podcast Factory will help you succeed in the podcasting realm
with authentic and innovative storytelling
told in your own distinct style.

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Strategy development, world-class storytelling, editing, topic ideation & podcast production

The Podcast Factory delivers podcasts that are brilliantly told and produced, and connected to your specific business outcomes...

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We are a full-service podcast production agency, specializing in branded content for innovative audience engagement.


Custom-Branded Smartphone App

Your podcast on-demand

Mobile apps for podcasting are enjoying widespread popularity around the world.

Podcasting represents a great opportunity to grow your proprietary audience -
your custom-branded smartphone app gives them the opportunity to experience your program... anytime. anywhere.

Listeners can also comment on social media via the app, and share your episodes with their social networks.

The Branded App also gives you the added opportunity to monetize your podcast through either an app for sale, or in-app purchases. For example, let's say your podcast is part of your training offerings - you can put these all in the app together, and you have a stand-alone, listen anywhere solution for training and education.

Just imagine, all your podcast content in one convenient place -
your customers will love you for it!

The podcast app can also be configured as a walking tour, museum tour or an experience of your town or special location. If you have an event, you can supplement your program offerings by pushing your event content into the app - this provides massive take-away value and retention for your audience, at a low cost.

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A New Era in Consumer Engagement

A New Era in Consumer Engagement
Monday - September 4, 2017
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM - AEST
This is going to be an in-depth conversation with people at the forefront of digital media and the
customer experience. With time for Q&A.

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Your audiences love you. You've served, delivered, surprised and delighted them for decades, yet sustaining and expanding your audience is becoming more difficult than ever. The new hyper-connected, ever-mobile, always social consumer requires consistency and the delivery of value and engagement over a long period of time.

The Podcast Factory was designed to help you sell your products and services, and to create passionate and engaged, raving fans. The advent of mass digital communications, and the evolution of new distribution channels, have created fragmented consumer attention. This disruption of corporate media has toppled traditional media gatekeepers and decimated the business models of traditional media and entertainment companies.

As you contemplate how to evolve your Proprietary Audience Development activities, the Podcast Factory gives you the competitive advantage and provides you with ever-expanding audiences that are bigger, better and more energetic than ever.

New media is poised to dominate the social landscape. The Podcast Factory provides your business with the opportunity to reach and engage in a magical way with massive audiences around the world.